FamilyOfaVet - Real world info about PTSD, TBI, & life after combat
FamilyOfaVet - Real World info about PTSD, TBI, & life after combat.

EFT - An In Depth Look at the
Emotional Freedom Technique
(from guest author Cynthia C. Doll)

EFT was first introduced in the US by Gary Craig in 1995. Gary Craig, who has retired last
the therapeutic world, is a Stanford Engineering graduate who has been interested in
personal improvement and well-being from an early age. The core of EFT he learned from
Dr. Roger Callahan, who calls his method TFT (Thought Field Therapy). By simplifying
TFT Gary Craig created EFT. It’s basic recipe can be easily learned by everyone, including
children. This makes EFT highly interesting as a self-help tool in general as well as for
immediate interventions in emotionally challenging situations for every interested person.

Quote from an early information sheet by Gary Craig:

“Based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, EFT is a simple tapping procedure that
gently realigns the body energy system, without the discomfort of needles.”

Like other energy healing methods, EFT is counted among the umbrella term of “Energy
Psychology” methods. EFT incorporates the knowing of the connection between
unresolved emotional issues and physical ailments, dysfunctions or diseases as well as the
link to personal performance limits. EFT addresses these connections and helps to
decrease and release symptoms of stress like sleeping problems, headaches,
hyperarousal or hypervigilance, pain and aches, anger, grief, anxiety and phobias to name
just a few.

Aside from stimulating particular acupuncture points and utilizing specific set up phrases,
EFT combines a number of other techniques to a meaningful whole. These are:

  • Particular movement patterns to gently stimulate the processing of stuck information
    in the human brain.
  • Techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which can help to gain new
    perspectives to improve quality of life.
  • Specific tools like particular trauma therapy techniques which are known
    “Tearless Trauma Technique” and/or “Movie Technique”.

An additional advantage of EFT is the systematic and gentle approach which helps to
avoid subsequent stressful exposure. This enables to release emotional charges more
comfortably and quickly.

EFT can also be regarded as a self-help technique for stress prevention and stress
regulation which supports the self-healing potential of the body-mind-soul system. For this
reason it can be very useful for several working fields as well as for diverse challenging
situations in the private area of which some of them are listed at the end of this article.

EFT can be used in particular for treating the effects of traumatic experiences or injuries. It
has been used successfully for treating PTSD with American veterans, documented in the
film of the Canadian film-maker Eric Huurre “Operation: Emotional Freedom – the Answer”
( In this film a number of highly skilled practitioners
selected by Gary Craig treated veterans who were suffering from combat with symptoms of
PTSD as well as family members at no cost. In September 2010 some of the veterans
having been treated with EFT were invited and listened to by a US congress committee
along with Dawson Church, PhD and David Feinstein, PhD. Dawson Church, PhD is the
supervisor of several research projects dealing with the effects of EFT treatments (

EFT is the most widely studied and used tapping technique in the world (USA, Canada, GB,
Ireland, Ecuador, Israel, Saudi-Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria,
Switzerland, Netherlands, Danmark, Sweden etc.). The basic recipe can be learned in a
weekend seminar or from the original DVD training set from Gary Craig.

Professional use of EFT requires an extended study consisting of attending different
modules which are built upon each other. There are different certification programs which
are more and more in process of standardization. One of it is the American “ACEP
Professional Practitioner Certification Programs in EFT”, designed and managed by Tina
Craig, daughter of Gary Craig ( Another one is the AAMET program
( which represents most of the UK professionals and many European
English speaking professionals. In the German speaking countries EFT D.A.CH is
developing a standardized EFT Certification program ( Alongside you
can find older certifications like EFT-CC or EFT-ADV,  etc., or other certification-programs
which “EFT Masters” have developed.

EFT Masters are highly qualified professionals who have passed a graduation program
once supervised by Gary Craig which has run out in the meantime. There are only about
30 EFT-Masters worldwide, most of them in the US and the UK.  You can find their website
and list of members on There are other qualified
practitioners beside this – some of them have specialized into treating veterans offering
particular conditions in cooperation with and/or www.

Selection of issues EFT has been used for in the past:

  • enhancing school, job, or sports performance
  • resolving concentration problems
  • releasing fears like flight-phobia, spider-phobia, test anxiety, dentist anxiety etc.
  • releasing strong, overwhelming feelings like anger, fear, grief, shame, panic attacks
  • resolving chronic fatigue and burn-out
  • resolving sleeping problems
  • releasing pain like headache, backache, muscle tensions etc.
  • resolving dysfunctional beliefs and unfolding your personal potential
  • reducing weight
  • strengthening the immune system
  • working with kids at school
  • helping kids in a cancer ward
  • helping veterans with symptoms of PTSD
  • helping with traumatic injuries followed by natural disasters, accidents or other
    overwhelming experiences

This article will be followed up by a list of particular links which can be useful for Veterans
and their families to build a point of view about EFT, find a number of free or low-cost
valuable resources and links to first-hand information about veterans who have enjoyed
EFT till now.

With kind regards from Maintal, Germany,
Cynthia Doll

BIO of the author Cynthia C. Doll:

The author lives in Germany, Maintal, close to Frankfurt/Main, Rhein-Main-Area. She owns
a university degree as Diplompaedagogin (which could be an equivalent to Clinical Social
Worker) and has worked for many years in different social fields. Currently she works as a
healing practitioner predominantly with Energy Psychology techniques. Cynthia Doll is a
daughter of an American father who served in Germany at times of Korean War and of a
German mother who experienced war as a child and has seen things she should never
have seen. Her uncle was a Vietnam Veteran.

From early age the author became interested into connections of the body-mind-soul
system. She practices diverse stress releasing techniques like Shiatsu bodywork,
Progressive Muscle Relaxation as well as a number of naturopathic techniques. After
discovering Energy Psychology in 2002 and EFT in 2004, she studied and and treated
herself with EFT and experienced first-hand how EFT can resolve traumatic incidents of the
past. She then decided to deepen her studies with EFT and the effects of Trauma and
PTSD to be able to work with it on a professional level. In 2007 she passed the EFT-ADV
certification from Dr. Patricia Carrington, EFT-Master. Her studies continue on a regular

The author has dedicated her work on teaching about trauma physiology and psychology
to support people to understand that their system has worked in an appropriate physical
way to keep themselves safe. She treats clients with various mental and physical symptoms
and accompanies people finding their way “back to themselves” by encouraging and
fostering qualities of self-acceptance, self-respect and self-love as an adequate and
helpful resource for healing.

You can find further information about Cynthia C. Doll on the German website
www.innerer- (translated meaning: "inner new beginnings“) or, in English
on (trauma-section: Anna-Lena-series) and in Spanish on http://www.eftmx.
com/newsletter/russian-tanks-1-sp.html. You can find regular information and links about
EFT and PTSD in German and English on her Twitter account
@CynthiaDollEFT. She is a
member of EFT-D.A.CH (

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